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Our Story

Our Background

Our group came together initially at the end of 2020, to help a young girl in Gambia, Kumba Gaye. Kumba’s at the time was 28 years old school teacher fighting for her life, because of a terminal brain tumour and already had lost her vision. UFFE raised funds for her medical expenses to fly to Turkey and have her life saving operations. During her recovery we as a group made Kumba a promise to build a school so that she may return to teaching one day. While the operations were successful, Kumba unfortunately lost her battle on the 22nd of August, 2021.

The Future

Since 2021, UFFE have supported 5+ schools in Gambia on various projects. Over 40 volunteers engaged from all over Ireland & the UK, and the lives of thousands of children changed for the better all thanks to our generous volunteers and their supporters. 

Our mission is simple, to empower underprivileged children in Africa and around the world through quality education, fostering brighter futures and build stronger communities. 


You can view our latest projects here:

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